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Web Design Prices

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Web Design & Hosting Fees

WordPress Maintenace Plan

Many companies quote web design prices by the hour. We prefer to do it by the project, which allows us to provide our clients with excellent service without the worry of watching the clock or going over budget. Once the fee is agreed upon, the client can rest assured that the project won't go over budget.

Have a coupon or see an ad? Please be sure to mention it when you call us.

All websites will be Google-friendly, mobile-friendly, and cross-browser compatible.

Our standard rate for WordPress sites is $450. That price includes up to 2 web pages and free hosting for the first year. Up to 20 images / graphics can be used per page, and up to 1,200 words may be used per page with no additional fees charged. When the website is complete, you will receive login information for making updates to your WordPress website. You can build your own extra pages, or we can add more pages for a small fee starting at only $65 per page. There are several free WordPress tutorials on YouTube if you need some training.

Disclaimer: WordPress websites typically load slowly and require routine software updates which may break certain parts of a website. Custom-coded websites are faster and more stable. But WordPress sites allow the owner to make updates without knowing how to write code.

Please read or listen to our article about WordPress Maintenace. It explains what WordPress Maintenace is and why it is critical for all WordPress websites.

WordPress to Static is a term we use for building a website in WordPress and then converting it to a static website. That means we would extract the base files from the WordPress platform and upload them to the internet without a WordPress database or login system. This allows us to have all of the creative advantages of WordPress while building the website, yet not being vulnerable to the many security risks, slow page loading times, constant plugin maintenance and other drawbacks that normally plague WordPress websites. The $500 fee is the base rate for this package that starts with 2 pages. Addional pages can be added for as little as $65 per page.

E-Commerce website design prices start at $675. Why so cheap? There are several online resources that we could utilize to quickly and easily get your online store up and running in a matter of days. Do you currently use Square, Swipe or PayPal? We could integrate those payment solutions into your website, or use more traditional merchant processing solutions like First Data, and others. There are also 3rd party shopping cart platforms that allow you to manage inventory, coupon codes, site-wide sales, different customer groups, and more. Since Vixen Online Services wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel, your cost could stay low.

Our base rate for custom-coded web design is $825. Custom-coded means we would not rely on software platforms like WordPress or Joomla to write the website code for us. We would write the lines of code ourselves. That means you wouldn't have to worry about something like a WordPress update breaking your theme and causing you any number of headaches down the line. We Guarantee that your custom-coded website will be stable.

The $825 price includes up to 3 web pages of standard design (not e-commerce) and free website hosting for the first year. Larger and more complex sites are also available with our same level of service and commitment.

Logo Design starts at $500. That isn't just a small clipart-like graphic that's only good for web use. Our logos can be used in any way the client wishes. They can be used on websites and printed marketing materials, or scaled up to billboard size without losing quality or clarity.

Outsourced Logos can be a more affordable way to get high quality logos created quickly. If you would like to try outsourcing but have no idea how to get started, then we can help. We could work directly with cheaper designers on your behalf. Fees vary depending on the design partner that we work with. The fees would include a design fee that goes to the outside designer + a consulting fee paid to us.

Printing Prices can be found in the Printing section of this web site.

Graphic design, database design and other services may be billed by the hour or by the project. The Vixen Online Services hourly rate is $75 per hour.

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